You are one of the few survivors of a zombie cat-pocalypse. With only your wits, your weapons, and a few turrets, you must defend yourself from the hordes of zombie-cats that come at night. Grenade, blast, shoot, heal, and place traps to survive each wave until safety comes with the sunlight.

This is Zap Zap Zombie Cats. A mix between a turret defense game and an FPS. Gameplay is split into two parts: a day portion where you must build and upgrade various turrets during the day to prepare for the night invasion, and a night portion where you take place in the action from a stationary position atop your base. During this stage, you can switch between 3 various cats, each with a different weapon and ability to utilize against the horde.

Zap Zap was made from a team of college students looking to gain experience and learn about the game-making process. We know the game won’t be perfect, but we hope to improve our skills and greatly appreciate any and all feedback from players.

Current Features:
3 Characters, each with their own unique weapon and ability,
8 Different enemies,
13 Turret types,
3 levels of upgrade per turret,
and 10 levels with a tutorial and boss stage



Our legal information for the game can be found here: